Every wedding dress tells a different fairy story. A wedding dress always tells a different fairy story. They all begin whit “Once upon a time” but then every story is different, like every love story. Gemelle Donato’s atelier has been dedicated for years to the uniqueness of this so special day, when every woman wants to feel like a true goddess in the eyes of her true love. They have made it his mission to make every bride totally unique. Respecting every woman’s most intimate desires, the atelier personalises every dress with deluxe details to make that special day even more unforgettable. Super feminine styles, graceful silhouettes, flounces, trains, precious embroideries and the finest fabrics: the  difference is in the details, as always, and a wedding dress by Gemelle Donato is distinguished precisely by those luxurious , refined details. They are designer of dresses, but above all of dreams. A woman who wants an elegant and sophisticated dress for the most important day of her life will find many, perfect, made - to - measure fashionable solutions for her in his fabulous atelier in Catania. Not only based on her size and her taste but on her personality too, to create the perfect harmony between herself and her image, so that the whole is naturally beautiful. The designers, will know how to direct the bride towards the dress of her dreams, from the most classic, bon ton to the most seductive and feminine and in many subtle shades too, to fulfil her every desire. Tradition and innovation combine perfectly in their creations full of passion and Mediterranean designers created for a woman in love who wishes to be a sensual, elegant and absolutely unforgettable queen for her man on that big day.

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